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TickStorm EA

07 septembre 2017


TickStorm is the result of a 6 months team research and integrates a new approach in the art of ticks analysis.

The EA operation algorithm uses retracements velocity to decide if there is a trading opportunity or not.

These retracements are spotted by analyzing several ticks matrices on different periods of time and confronting them together in order to gain an edge over the market. We developped new tools to efficiently detect any unusual activity in the flow of thousands of variables.

We also created an original and adaptive closing process that kicks in as soon as a position is opened. It closes the biggest losing trades by zeroing them with a few winning positions under certain circumstances and even integrates our proprietary "Neutralizer Mode" in case of an erratic market movement.

The code has been heavily optimized to deliver blazing execution speed despite its complexity.

Check the screenshots for 99.90% modelling quality backtest results with realistic spread !

Warning : Because TickStorm works like a tick surgeon, high-quality database should be used to correctly backtest it. Keep in mind that forwardtesting is the best way to reveal its true potential.

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