Publication du code source de l’Expert Advisor “SyTRAGE”

SyTRAGE is an auto-trading python 3 script that uses OANDA’s API.
It spots statistical imbalances between different currencies and acts upon them.
A Telegram notification function is available.

1- Install python3 ->
/!\ During the installation process, don’t forget to tick the box “Add to PATH…”.

2- When it’s done, open a terminal window (command prompt) and install the dependencies using “pip3 install oandapyV20”, “pip3 install pyTelegramBotAPI” and “pip3 install python-dateutil” commands (pip3 is a packet manager used to add libraries).

3- Edit the SyTrage script with any text editor to replace the IDs and Tokens values at the beginning of the code with yours. Save it.

4- Launch the script by typing “python” from the directory of this file (you can navigate to this directory with some “cd” commands).

(5- You can stop the execution of the script with Ctrl+C.)

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